Creating WedTexts reminders from scratch

How to create your WedTexts messages from scratch.

Creating your wedding reminders is a breeze with WedTexts. And if any of your wedding plans change, you can send a real time update at anytime to all of your guests or groups of your guests. 

See how to create a message from scratch below. Click here to see the web directions or here for the directions for the app.

Creating a message from scratch (web version).

First: Click 'ADD' next to MESSAGES in the left bar on the screen.

Second: Create your message. Do this by:

1) Choose which Groups your message should go to.

2) Tell us the date your message should be sent.

3) Select what time we should send your message to your guests.

4) Type whatever message you want your guests to receive. 

5) Click "Schedule Message" to schedule your message.

Include links, addresses and times in your messages, and they will become clickable links for your guests with smartphones. 

Third: Your message is scheduled! 

(You can edit and delete all your messages before they're sent)

Create and manage your messages today.

Creating a message from scratch (app version).

First: Navigate to the create message screen. 

Do this by following the directions below.

1 - Go to the 'Blueprint' Screen on the bottom tool bar.

2 - Click on the '+' tab in the top tool bar.

Second: Tell us the details of your message. 

1) Choose which group(s) the message should go to.

2) Select the date and time the message should be sent.

3) Create your message and click "Schedule".

Third: Your message is scheduled!

You can edit and delete each message until it is sent.

To edit your message: Simply tap on any scheduled message.

To delete your message: Scroll to the left over any schedule message.

Create your reminders today.

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