How to refer couples to WedTexts.

How to refer couples to WedTexts.

It is easy to introduce engaged couples to WedTexts with our referral program. 

Each couple you refer will get 20% off WedTexts, and you'll earn $10 for each person who purchases WedTexts!

See how to refer couples to WedTexts below.

2) Click "Refer a Friend".

In the bottom left of the screen click on "Refer a Friend".

3) Introduce couples to WedTexts.

Share your unique link or your referral coupon code with couples you think may like WedTexts. Or get a little more social and share your link on your favorite social media site! 

Create your account & refer a friend!

Want to refer without creating an account?

Click the button below to join our referral program without creating a WedTexts account.

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