How to easily remind your wedding guests to RSVP.

The Most Popular WedTexts Reminders

Do yourself (and your guests) a favor by taking the guess work out of your wedding.

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Top WedTexts Reminders

Hotel Room Block Reminders 

With all of the work you put in securing great rates for your guests, you certainly don't want them to miss the deadlines for booking their rooms! 

Sending a WedTexts with a reminder of the deadline to book and a link directly to the booking sites will make your guests happy and save you a lot of headache! 

RSVP Reminder

How to easily remind your wedding guests to RSVP.

Collecting timely RSVPs are key to making the most of your budget and keeping your vendors happy (Who wants to pay for 150 plates if only 125 are coming!!). 

Send an easy WedText reminder to make sure all of your RSVPs make it in way before the deadline.

Wedding Website / Wedding Hashtag

If you have taken the time to create a wedding website, you'll want to guests to have easy access to it! 

Check out how to easily share this information in the sample WedTexts to the left!

Welcome Party

One of the best things about your wedding weekend is maximizing your time with your loved ones. If you are hosting a formal welcome party, or just want everyone to meet up at the same location, send a WedText with a google maps link and the start time so everyone knows where to be, and how to get there! 

Ceremony Rehearsal

Making sure your ceremony goes off withot a hitch is often reliant on a smooth rehearsal. Get people there on time with a reminder WedText! 

Rehearsal Dinner

Whether you are inviting just your wedding party, or your entire family to your rehearsal dinner, you want everyone to make it to the right place on time! 

Send an easy reminder with WedText to ensure your rehearsal dinner goes off without a hitch! 

Ceremony Reminder

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding celebration! Getting them to the right place on time is essential! 

Sendng a WedTexts the morning of your celebration will put you and your guests at ease, and assure everyone is present to watch your big moment! 

Reception Reminder

If your wedding ceremony and reception are in different locations, confusion is bound to arrive as guests make their way from the ceremony to the reception.

Use WedTexts to ease their minds and keep everyone on point. 

Reminders for Bridesmaids

Scheduling reminders to your bridesmaids is an easy way to make sure they rent or buy their bridesmaids dresses. 

Reminders for Groomsmen

Everyone has at least that one groomsmen that needs a few extra reminders, so do yourself and all your groomsmen by sending reminders about their attire, booking their hotel and all the events throughout your wedding weekend.

Change of Plans

Unfortuately things don't always go as planned. When things change at the last minute can send out real time WedTexts updates to keep all your guests (or groups of your guests) in the loop.

Lost Item

With many of your friends and family celebrating with you, things can easily get lost or misplaced. 

WedTexts is an easy way to help find and return lost items.

Morning After Brunch

The morning after your wedding, you may be tired but you won't be ready for the festivities to end! 

Send a WedText to your guests to continue to fun over some delicious food! Even if you don't host a formal event, suggest a great breakfast spot to meet up so you can cherish the last moments of your wedding celebration. 

You Might Be Wondering...

How long will it take to schedule my messages?

With the WedTexts Blueprint you can schedule all your messages within 5 minutes!

You simply tell us the details surrounding your wedding events and we will create your reminders for you! 

For more information on your WedTexts Blueprint click here.

What's the best way to add my guests' numbers?

There are 3 ways to add your guests to your WedTexts account:

Click here to see what they are.

Can people respond to my messages?

All WedTexts reminders are one way. Think of WedTexts as a way to broadcast remnders to your wedding guests. We do this so you won't be bombarded with unecassary messages during your wedding weekend!

If you want guests to be able to respond, we recommend in one of your first messages providing a point of contact. For example: your wedding planer, maid of honor or best man.

I can text from my cell phone. Why do I need WedTexts?

The biggest reason is the EXPERIENCE. Your experience during your wedding weekend and your guests' experience. With WedTexts you can schedule all your reminders well in advance so you don't have to worry about sending messages during of your events. Also, with WedTexts you can text all your guests at once. (Group messages from your cell phone are usually capped at 30 people.) For more information on how WedTexts compares to Group Messages from your cell phone click here. 

What will your wedding experience be like?

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