WedTexts vs. Group Texting

WedTexts vs. Group Texts

Service and Experience are the two biggest reasons couples use WedTexts over Group Texts. See below for more details.


  •  Real Time or Scheduled. 

(gives you less to worry about)

  •  Unlimitted Recipients 
  •  WedTexts are one way notifications. You won't be bothered by tons of responses!
  •  One message can go to multiple groups.
  •  WedTexts creates the messages for you with the Blueprint!

Group Texting

  •  Must do it real time.

(no pre-scheduling)

  •  Groups are capped

(typically around 30 people)

  •  Recipient's can text back. Imagine the hassel of dealing with responses in a 30 person group text!

  •  Each message can only be sent to one group.

  •  You'll waste tons of time creating the content for your messages. 

What do you want your experience to be?

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