Flexible communication for your wedding business

Flexible communication for your wedding business

WedTexts flexbility simplifies your business communication.

There are many ways to use WedTexts to enhance your client experience. See how below, and request your free initial consultation to get started today!

See the flexibility of WedTexts.

You can use WedTexts

Use WedTexts in your business to remind your clients of important action items throughout their wedding planning experience. Click here to see popular messages to use in your business.

Have your clients use WedTexts

If you love WedTexts, but don't want to use it in your business to communicate with your clients, other vendors or wedding guests you can resell WedTexts to your clients. This way you're reducing your client's stress and making a little extra money. Request your free consultation to see how to do this here.

Not ready to commit to using WedTexts? Sign up for our referral program here. It will give your clients a discount and you'll make $10 for each client that uses WedTexts! (Win - Win - Win)

You and your clients use WedTexts.

You can use WedTexts in your business and make it available for your clients to use to communicate with their wedding guests! Click here to see how to add your client to their WedTexts wedding.

You Might Be Wondering...

How long will it take to schedule my messages?

Scheduling your reminders is a breeze. Click here to see how WedTexts will create your messages for you with the WedTexts Blueprint OR click here to see how to create your messages from scratch.  

As an added bonus, if any of your plans change at the last minute all your clients, vendors and guests are 1 text away!

Can people opt out of receiving WedTexts reminders?

Guests can opt out receiving future messages. However very few do. The special thing about WedTexts is it is the only form of wedding communication that is effortless for guests. If they can receive a text, you can relax knowing they will get your WedTexts reminders.

Can people respond to my messages?

All WedTexts reminders are one way. Think of WedTexts as a way to broadcast reminders to your contacts. We do this so you won't be bombarded with unecassary responses!  

If you want guests to be able to respond, we recommend in one of your first messages providing a point of contact. For example: "if you have any questions, reach Jennie at 803-309-7878 (or email address)".

I can text from my cell phone. Why do I need WedTexts?

The biggest reason is the EXPERIENCE. Your experience during each wedding, your clients experience by not having to answer calls and texts during their wedding weekend and the guests experience by having all the important information texted directly to their phone. With WedTexts you (or your client) can schedule all the reminders well in advance so you don't have to worry about sending messages during any of the events. Also, with WedTexts you can text all the guests at once. (Group messages from your cell phone are usually capped at 30 people.) For more information on how WedTexts compares to Group Messages from your cell phone click here. 

Don't leave anything to chance.

Use scheduled text messages to take your business to the next level.